Modular Male Mannequin on Standard Skeleton

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This modular male mannquin is built on the Epic Skeleton and is designed for flexibility and maximum compatibility with other marketplace assets.

Video demo


Tutorial on how to use a custom character model with a character controller + assembling multiple parts

Two systems are provided : regular modular skeletal meshes (head, upper, hands, lower, feet), and socketed static meshes attached to a skeletal inner frame.

The socketed version allows to bring in any 3d model of armor parts, even without any skin weighting. This means you can expand on this mannequin using software like Sketchup, Moi3D, Assetforge, and so on. And of course skeletal meshes from other marketplace assets can be combined with it too.

The regular modular skeletal version can accept any male head from the other PO-Art bundles.

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Technical Details

A male mannequin provided with two systems : regular modular skeletal, and socketed static meshes.

All parts are capped at the joints to avoid any visible gap when mixing with other assets.

Ready for ALS or any other controller using the Epic Male Skeleton.

Rigged : Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton : Yes

Animated : Yes (comes with an edited duplicate of the third person controller)

Number of animations : standard thirdperson animations + 1 custom idle + 1 custom run

Number of characters: 2

Triangles count : 40280 tris when combined

Texture resolution: 2048

Supported development platforms: All

How to use : Import to your project of choice and perform a right click > assign skeleton on any skeletal mesh you want to use with your existing skeleton and controller, or use the one provided. Socketed parts are to be attached to their corresponding bones.

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