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"This system allows to dismember any skinned mesh without additional preparation in external 3D software.
- This system is suitable for games with suit customization (when character consists from several skinned meshes, that can be equipped/unequipped in runtime).
- LOD group auto-duplication for fragments (if skinned mesh has LOD group)
- Hierarchycal dismemberment (a dismembered arm can be dismembered again in elbow joint)
- Supports any kind of ragdoll (human, robot, animal etc.)
- Effects customization (broken electronics for robots, green meat for aliens etc.)
Contains example scene with configured human and dog.
Known limitations:
- System doesn't work on WebGL platform as it uses multithreading for dismember operations.
You can either buy ready models or order new ones, and we will make them specially for you. If you have questions or would like to order a model or animation, please contact us ital
More info on our official site animus.digital
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