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Pixelate is an innovative way to Convert 3D Animation Into Pixel Art Sprite Sheets. Thanks to its proprietary 3D - 2D Shader System, Pixelate has the ability to Control Sprite Size, Animation Frame Rate, and React to 2D lighting in Real-time.

Animate your characters more efficiently, and save time with an instant conversion speed from 3d animation to pixel art.

Come to our Community Discord server if you have any questions!

Learning pixel art and drawing hundreds of frames for simple animations can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

With our proprietary system, you can create organic and natural-looking pixel art much faster than with the traditional method of drawing every individual frame.

Sprite sheets created with Pixelate are created with a normal map, allowing the character to React To 2D Real-time Lighting.

No need for hours of drawing and animation, all you need to do is create a basic 3D character with unlit colours and some very simple and rough animations, Pixelate takes care of the rest and keeps your animation time to a minimum.

⭐Useful Links⭐

Discord Server

◽ Standard Guide

URP Guide

⭐Feature Highlight⭐

✔️ Instantaneous Conversion of 3D Animation to 2D

✔️ Reacts to Real-Time 2D Lighting in URP

✔️ Normal Map reacts to 3D Real-Time Lighting

✔️ Live Pixelated Preview Before Export

✔️ Export Animations in any Resolution

✔️ Full Control Over Animation Frame Rate

✔️ Flexible Interface

✔️ Active Support and Constant Updates

⭐What is The Development Looking Like?⭐

We develop tools for Unity, but we mainly are game devs. Pixelate started as a plugin built by us for us so we could make games more efficiently, so you can be sure that the plugin will keep on improving: we also benefit from it :)

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