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uNode is Visual Scripting plugin for Unity 3D. This plugin allows designers, artists and programmers to create gameplay mechanics, interactive systems and even C# script without writing a single line of code.


•New Unity Visual Scripting converter

Convert existing UVS graphs into uNode graphs.

•Graph Hierarchy

•Fast Enter Play Mode Support

•Auto C# Code Generation on Build

With the auto c# code generation on build your runtime graph will run as fast as native c# script on build.

•Flow Graphs

Powerful flow graphs for low-level logic and complex tasks.

•State Graphs

Powerful state graphs which combine Flow, State Machine, and Behavior Tree into one graphs.


Create a graph once and reuse them in entire graphs with different parameters.

•Dynamic Nodes

Use automatically generated nodes for all and any Unity functionality, your code and 3rd party APIs. Including Methods, Properties, Fields, Unity Events, C# Events, Generic Methods, Constructors and Operators.

•C# Generator

Every build in nodes are supported to generating a script and its fully no dependencies with uNode this mean you can remove uNode and run the output script to another project without uNode.

•C# Parser

Import c# script into uNode to quickly creating a node graphs and learn how uNode work.

•State Machine

Elegant state machines for high-level logic and easy state management, support nested state machine and unity events in each of state.

•Basic Support for Behavior Tree

Included Behavior Tree nodes to help creating AI easily, fully support to combine it with State Machine and Flows nodes.

•Actions & Conditions System

Make game with more easier ways, better organized, and easier to understand for non programmers.

•Built-in Documentation

Get instant access to Unity and custom documentation directly from the Editor.

•Live Editing

Modify any part of your graphs while in playmode to quickly prototype and test ideas

•Runtime / Script Debugging

Insert breakpoints, watch connection, and watch variable changed in a graphs.



•Node Browser

•Graph Explorer

•Graph Minimap

•Group, Comments, and Notes

•Full C# Source Code Included

•And much more

Supported Type: All Type are supported ( Classes, Structs, Enums, Collections, Interfaces, etc ).


uNode has 2 options to run the graphs:

•Native C# for get the best performance (Auto in Build).

•Optimized Reflection is slow compared to native c# but its live editable.

Example Projects

• 2D Breakout

• 2D Space Shooter

• 2D UFO

• Survival Shooter


•Development Platforms:Support all platforms that Unity support.

•Works on Unity Pro and Free

•uNode 2 now uses of Odin Serializer, therefore API compatibility level .NET 4.x is required.

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