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This product contains a fantasy airship. It was made with one main design in mind, however, is provided with the individual parts available so you can mix and match parts together to get a variety of types of fantasy airships. Several demo actors are included showing an airship using all propellers to fly around, one that has flapping wings to move, a standard single balloon two external engined design, or a double-balloon design. By putting these parts together in a variety of ways you can get a good variety of different ships out of this one package.

All parts also have accurate collisions made for them allowing for players to walk around inside of them or on top of any part. Doors are separate meshes and so can be set up to be opened in your blueprints or interacted with as you'll need.

There are demonstration blueprints that do provide some examples for how you could set up the airships, and how you could fly them around including both add location and add rotations methods as well as a physics simulating one, however, you'll likely need to modify these or add onto them to get the behavior you'll truly desire for your own games as these are just core examples and not coded to be able to easily perform any type of movement or pathfinding or anything like that. Similarly, the provided character is currently using cast to nodes to directly interact with them and so you'll likely want to replace that with whatever setup you may already have in your project for possessing or interacting with actors.

There is also now some controls designed to work with VR controls for those interested, you can watch the above linked VR Usage Video for details on these and how to set them up in your project.

Technical Details


  • Full and accurate collisions on all parts, you can walk around inside the airship or on the wings or anything as you want.
  • Contains both more complete ship models, and individual parts allowing you to quickly make more template ships, or make your own from the ground up customized however you want easily in engine without needing to cut parts up in external editors.
  • 5 Blueprints demonstrating possible configurations for the ship to be made into, and examples on how you might set up movement for your game.
  • Various extra parts like ladders, lanterns, crates, and boarding ramps.

Number of Meshes: 1 skeletal mesh, 60 static meshes (a bit over 30 truly unique, many are left/right variations or alternate versions of other meshes with minor changes).

Collision: Yes, Custom collisions on all static meshes.

Vertex Count: 26,050 for a roughly complete ship in the standard configuration.

LODs: Only on 2 meshes, generated in engine.

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Materials, 24 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 73 textures, see documentation for size map of all textures

Texture Resolutions: 128*128, 512*512, 1024*1024, 2048*2048, 4096*4096. There is only one size for each texture, some objects like the lamps candle just have their own smaller textures, while others like the ships main hull have massive ones. Again, see documentation for a size map of textures.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows and HTC Vive


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