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β“˜ Before purchasing, please make sure to check the Supported Unity Versions , and to read our Refund Policy and Support Policy .

β“˜ Visit our website for Nature Renderer 2021 . You are currently looking at Nature Renderer 2020, which is only compatible with Unity 2019 LTS and Unity 2020 LTS.

Render vast amounts of vegetation without slowing down your game.

Nature Renderer improves the quality of your vegetation rendering by replacing Unity's default terrain details system. Everything works with your existing data: use the same grass, vegetation, and trees and keep your existing terrains. We just level-up your renderer.

Trusted by over 25,000 developers. You can expect a polished and well-optimized plugin, with extensive documentation.

Free trial available
Download a free trial to see how Nature Renderer can help with your vegetation rendering.

Supports all render pipelines
The correct assets are automatically imported into your project. More details and an exact list of supported versions are at the end of the description.

One-click install
Just add the Nature Renderer component to your terrain and everything works instantly.

Website β€’ Quickstart β€’ Documentation β€’ Twitter


Per-Seat License
Nature Renderer requires one license per user. Please select the number of users (seats) above the purchase button.

This asset and license are intended for usage in Unity 2019 and 2020. We make a major upgrade for Nature Renderer every year for new major Unity versions. (2020, 2021, 2022, ...)
Keeping Nature Renderer up-to-date with the latest changes and new features in Unity takes a lot of effort and resources, and we ask for your help with this through a small upgrade price for major releases. You are not required to update if you don't need to, and you can continue using Nature Renderer in Unity 2019-2020 for as long as you need.
The next major upgrade is Nature Renderer 2021 for Unity 2021.

Free email support is included with your purchase. Please read the Support Policy for more information.


Physically Based Rendering
Get accurate lighting and more detail on your grass, vegetation, and terrain details. You can use full PBR shaders on your detail objects. Such as the Standard Shader or any other.

Use Level-of-Detail on your terrain detail objects to reduce complexity in the distance and increase performance.

Enable shadows for grass, plants, and other terrain details.

Better wind for your vegetation. The included wind shaders provide accurate and lifelike wind for grass, plants, and trees.

Custom Shaders
Use any custom shader for your terrain details to achieve special effects.

Align to terrain
Align your grass and objects to the terrain surface. No more floating grass or objects clipping through the terrain.

Familiar Tools
Use Unity's default terrain, detail, and tree editing tools. No need to change your workflow.

Live Editing
Results show both in edit-mode and at runtime. And all changes to your terrain are updated immediately.

Additional features
- Fully multi-threaded for best performance.
- Fade out vegetation in the distance.
- Efficient culling of vegetation.
- Works with multiple terrains.
- Minimal GC Allocations and stable consistent performance.
- Works with multiple cameras.
- Floating Origin support for large worlds.
- All data is compressed for optimal memory usage.
- Easily disable rendering when a player is indoors or can't see the terrain.

Comes with Nature Shaders Essentials
Includes a collection of essential vegetation shaders that enable Wind Animations, Translucency, Color Variations, and more.


Supported platforms and APIs:
β€’ DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 on Windows
β€’ OpenGL Core 4.1+/ES3.0+ on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android
β€’ Metal on macOS and iOS
β€’ Vulkan on Windows, Linux and Android

Supported render pipelines and Unity versions:
βœ” Standard/Built-In   · Unity 2019.4 LTS and 2020.3 LTS
βœ” High-Definition 7.2+ · Unity 2019.4 LTS and 2020.3 LTS
βœ” Universal 7.2+     · Unity 2019.4 LTS and 2020.3 LTS
βœ– Unity 2021 is not supported. Please purchase Nature Renderer 2021 for Unity 2021.
Read our policy on Supported Unity Versions for more information.
The correct assets are installed automatically for the render pipeline in your project. And updating to new versions correctly updates only the assets for your render pipeline.

Notes and Limitations
* 3D models shown in screenshots are from Open World Nature Kit and Megascans and are not included.
* This asset ships with plugins, C# source code is not included.
* Performance depends on the amount of grass and rendering features used. Please download the free trial to test the performance gain for your project. Better performance than Unity's renderer is not guaranteed.
* Alpha and Beta versions of Unity and preview packages are not supported.
* This plugin is for the terrain's detail system. We render all detail objects and provide shaders for trees, but the trees are rendered by Unity.
* Only the latest LTS version of Unity is supported. Nature Renderer does not officially support Unity's Tech releases.

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