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Noted pro allows you to post advanced notes in editor, leave detailed messages or reminders, assign them to team members, categorize them with icons, set their priority levels, and completed statues. You can even search and sort though notes based on the criteria above.

Make it Noted. Make it completed.

Technical Details

Noted Pro V2 update coming soon!


  • No external plugins required. 100% blueprints. 4.23 now leverages the built in Editor Scripting Utilities plugin!
  • Demo: Noted Pro Demo
  • Assign notes, reminders, or logic trees to yourself or team members.
  • Set priority levels and completed statues.
  • Use the easy pointer system to tether your notes to any actors in scene.
  • Unlimited note lengths and scroll functionality.
  • Set header and body text and let our smart type system automatically format notes for you!
  • Easily and dynamically sort through all notes real time by any criteria listed (Team member, Icon type, priority statues), and jump to the notes location to get the job done, or mange whatโ€™s being done.
  • Choose from 20+ different icons. Set them to quickly get the point of your note across, and for quick sorting by you or your team.
  • Lightweight. Built in optimization checks to see how many notes you have in scene and dynamically responds. No need to worry about performance hits in editor.
  • Works with all versioning software (Perforce, Github, etc) with no modifications or pesky folder sharing.
  • Easily expandable. Add new team members, Icons, priority levels, or features at any time.
  • Supported Platforms: (All)
  • See a feature that's not on the list? Request it!




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