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Path Painter was created in 2017 by Frank, the founder of 3D Haven, because he needed a very easy and quick to use solution to create paths on Unity terrains. The tool caught the attention of industry professionals who urged him to release it on the Asset Store.

Creating paths has never been easier. It only takes seconds to create great looking paths and design your level. In a nutshell, Path Painter is ideal to create paths on Unity terrain and do some terrain shaping, but our wonderful users still surprise us from time to time with some cool new uses.

Path Painter helps shaping, texturing and vegetation clearing of your terrains all at the same time. It allows you to adjust and fine tune your paths directly after creation and gives you a lot of control to help you create your dream paths in seconds. It also helps you create perfect paths for your characters with the Auto Ramp feature.

Path Painter II works in large scale multi terrain environments to allow you to create your dream level design. Over the years we have seen amazing paths, roads, rivers, lakes, hills, mountains plateaus, valleys, sand dunes and the list goes on. Some of our users like to do most of their terrain shaping with Path Painter. We hope you will have as much fun using it as they do!

Path Painter comes with an API that allows you to drive Path Painter in different ways (e.g. using splines) and even use it in your game (examples provided in demo).

⚠️ See the Technical details below to learn about all the Features and check out the documentation.

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