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"--Version 2.0 includes new armorsets and new hairstyles, the package has two folders(1.2 version and 2.0 version) if you don't want or need the new armorsets just download the 1.2 version, but if you want the new goodies you must download BOTH 1.2 and 2.0 folders

The Classic Role playing races includes three races(humans, elves and orcs), with male and female models each, they also include the underwear model and a basic set of clothes

This pack is suited for your fantasy videogames with a cartoonish and stylized style


-Male Human: Body(4716 triangles including head and arms) Hair(333 triangles) Cloth(2470 triangles)

-Female Human: Body(4820 triangles including head an arms) Hair(233 Triangles) Cloth(2136 Triangles)

-Male Elf: Body(4716 triangles including head and arms) Hair(408 triangles) Cloth(2230 triangles)

-Female Elf: Body(4820 triangles including head an arms) Hair(393 Triangles) Cloth(1678 Triangles)

-Male Orc: Body(4716 triangles including head and arms) Hair(386 triangles) Cloth(1518 triangles)

-Female Orc: Body(4820 triangles including head an arms) Hair(397 Triangles) Cloth(928 Triangles)

All the characters have 1024x1024 textures for the body and cloth, and 512x512 for the hair

The characters are split into head and body so whenever you have them with the cloth you can hide the body to save some polygons for better performance, except the female orc which have the body in one single piece

Rigged characters: Yes
Animated: No
Mecanim Humanoid ready rigging

WARNING: These characters are highly stylized so there may be some animations that don't look good, since the characters have larger arms and legs


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