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"Are you a fan of great games with survival assets like \"In-game Housing Creators?\" Then you'll love what I have created here for you!
**236 modular prefabs added for this version 1.5! See the \"versions\" tab below for a list of the new prefabs included! This package now features over 700+ modular prefabs!
Use Unity version 5.6.0 or higher to access all content included!
This is a fully modular, survival housing, creator kit! With this kit you can create a large number of unique house styles and structures, as custom as you want them to be. This kit comes with enough prefabs for simple structures, or advanced structures with multiple floors and rooms!
***New and improved: Mega Update/ Re-Make (Version 1.3):
This new update adds 326+ more modular prefabs. Included are Higher quality textures at 2048 res. PBR materials, with included Organic normals, detailed albedo textures, AO maps, metallic and specular maps, and secondary detail maps, giving more realism to these models.
(All previous 120 prefab models are still included, but are placed in an \"older package\" folder!)
*Please note: Trees shown in screenshots and videos are not included in this package, but are available to use with Unity's Standard Assets!*
This package works great with \"Snap To Grid.\" An easy and affordable tool which helps for creating scenes, or houses with ease \"in-editor.\" It can be found here: Snap To Grid
---What's new in this mega update? Please check the \"versions\" tab below for a detailed list of what's new in this update!---
Each Wall Window and Wall Doorway comes with matching doors and windows that can be opened or closed as needed. (This package does not contain any scripts, strictly 3d models.)

Now best used with Unity 5.6.0 or higher!
The past update (V 1.2.1) included 9 levels of building types for your games:
- Wood
- 2 Mossy Stone Variants
- Stone
- Mossy Brick
- Brick
- Red Brick
- Plaster
- Shanty Metal

Also included from version 1.2.1:
- Crafting Workbenches
- Blacksmith's Anvil

V 1.3: now adds:
- 5 new HD looks.- 2 Bricks (Grey Brick, and Dirty Brick)
- 3 Wood (Oak, Rounded Spruce, and Deep Forest Logs)

\"Are you making a game that has in-game building/ crafting, and have access to any housing tool kits, but are lacking the necessary models to create houses with? Then this kit might just help you out!\"
Every house piece is built according to the \"grid.\" Each main wall piece measures by a 4x4m length. So everything will match up to grid snapping in your games or projects. (As seen in videos below)
So what did you get included in this package previously? (V 1.0 - 1.2.1)
-9 Main Textures at 1024res. and 2 Particle Textures at 512res.
-One demo scene featuring a display of all prefabs and modules included. Including the Stone House Modules created in the Videos below! (+1 Demo scene; V 1.2, showing a small display of some structures placed around a scene.)
-Over 120+ modular prefabs used to create houses, bases, fortifications, and random structures, exactly how you want them to look. (Combine the 9 different textures available for hundreds more variants!)
-A few props have also been included so far to help spruce up your scenes. (Some Ladders and Torches) More props and furniture will be available in later releases!
And of course I would appreciate any reviews or ratings, and would love to hear from you! Thanks.

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