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(RealToon v5.0.8)

Supported RP/SRP:

*Built-In/Standard Rendering Pipeline.

*Lightweight/Universal Rendering Pipeline.

*High Definition Rendering Pipeline.

An AAA/Advance Anime/Toon Shader to make your characters & objects to look as close to real Anime/Cartoon.

Anime/Toon/Stylized/Cel shading shader.

(For Games, Film/Animations & Illustrations/Arts)

- The first Anime/Toon/Cel shader to fully support unity's HDRP and DXR/Ray Tracing.

- Supports Unity version 5, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 to 2022 and future unity versions.

- (PC,Mac & Linux), Mobile & Consoles (Nintendo Switch and Xbox).

- PlayStation (RealToon URP and RealToon HDRP).

- It is Fully Multi-Lighting.

- Use it with or without Real-Time Shadow.

- DOTS | Hybrid Renderer ready - support.


- Smooth Object Normal:

*Smooth object normal for better or clean shading.

- Self Shadow:

*(Adjust size/threshold and hardness without using any texture map.)

- Normal Map:

*(For more details or override object's normal.)

- FReflection:

*(Use images/textures as reflection.)

*(Can also adjust the size and position.)

*(This is not a matcap style reflection or cubemap.)

- Outline:

*(Can change the Color and Width.)

*(With noise/distort outline for sketch style outline and dynamic.)

*(You can choose to use outline or without outline \"for less drawcalls\".)

- Gloss (Texture) (Custom Gloss):

*(Use images/textures as gloss.)

*(Can choose to follow light position & object rotation.)

- ShadowT (Texture):

*(Gradient or Flat based shadow/shade.)

- RealToon Refraction:

*Anime/cartoon style glass, ice, liquid, etc.

- Reduce Shadow:

*Reduce real-time shadow of an object - material without affecting other parts of an object.

- The included RealToon HDRP version has DXR/Ray Tracing too.

Supported Ray tracing:

(Reflection, Global Illumination, Shadows)

- Lightmap Support. (RealToon URP)

- Fade Transparency with outline and transparent affects shadow.

- Vertex color support for Outline, Self Shadow & Smooth Object Normal features.

- Includes RealToon (Lite Version) shaders for mobile or lite type games.

- Includes RealToon (Tessellation Version) shaders.

- Includes RealToon (LWRP Version)

(Unity 2018 to latest unity version with LWRP V4.0.0 or latest.)

- Includes RealToon (URP Version)

(Unity 2019.3.0 to latest unity version with URP 7.1.1 or latest.)

- Includes RealToon (HDRP Version)

(Unity 2019.3.0 to latest unity version with HDRP 7.2.0 or latest.)

- RealToon URP and HDRP are SRP Batcher compatible.

- The Included RealToon HDRP version supports all lights (Spot, Point, directional and area lights (rect & tube).

- DOTS | Hybrid Renderer (URP and HDRP)

- Linear Blend Skinning (Currently URP)

- HDRP's Recursive Rendering is supported.

- Includes effects like sobel outline.

- More...

Other Features

- Use Directional Light and Point & Spot light or multiple lights at the same time without problem and maintaining that anime/cartoon style shadow color & brightness.

- Fully color shadow and maintain light falloff.

- Fog affect outline.

- Receive GI with flat/smooth shade & skylight/environment Light.

- Do baked/real-time reflection.

- Can use patterned textures for manga/comics like shadow.

- You can use this in creating Anime/Cartoon film & Illustrations/arts.

- You can use this on your Character made in VRoid

- You can use this in making VTuber works with or without real-time shadows.

- This can also be used in VRChat/VRC.

- Can also be use in 2D type games.

- Includes a simple tool/script Frame By Frame Rendering for animation & illustration/art use. *Renders frames to Image Sequence or PNG Sequence file.

- Includes a simple Custom Shadow Resolution tool/script for higher quality shadow.

(For Film/Animation & Illustration/Art use.)

- More features to come so be sure to check my social network/media.

(RealToon) Website

Demo #1 (On Character Use & Lights) [Web Browser View]

Demo #2 (On Scene Gameplay) (PC/Mac and Linux Builds)

Videos (Updates & PV)

Video Demos

Video Tutorials

Image Render Gallery (Still Image)


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