MAZ537 Battle Truck 6 Versions

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Russian MAZ537 Truck | Combat Vehicle

This is a package containing 7 variations of a drivable russian combat truck called the MAZ537.

To get other Russian military vehicles or assets made in a similar style, feel free to visit the

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To see the asset in action, check the link bellow.

Video in UE4



(Note: This version may be slightly different due to engine and legal reasons)

3D Viewer

Asset package includes:

Green forest camo materials / textures

Beige urban camo materials / textures

Green materials / textures

Beige materials / textures

White materials / textures

Black materials / textures

Number of textures in total: 12

Number of meshes in total: 1

Number of blueprints in total: 6

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8

If you need any help / technical support feel free to contact me on my listed email addressee (On UEM profile)

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Technical Details

Fully setup physics, animations and controls using unreals physically based system

Number of texture sets: 2

Texture resolutions: 4K for main body / 2K for wheels

Texture maps included: BaseColor, Normal, Ambient occlusion, Roughness, Metalness, Emissive

Mesh specs: 8034 faces / properly scaled and oriented

Blueprint specs: Physically accurate control setup with properly positioned physics elements.

6 material instances for body base material

Manually adjusted collision meshes

Automatic LODs

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