Massive Clouds Atmos Volumetric Skybox

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Design your sky

Massive Clouds Atmos is an asset that provides the ability to render the entire sky with volumetric effects. It allows you to design the entire sky while adjusting for various weather conditions and time zones in real time.

It can simultaneously handle the sky entirely such as clouds, atmospheric scattering, and fog rendering, allowing you to occlude light by clouds and shaft effects consistently and realistically.

It is also possible to dive into the three-dimensional clouds depicted by the ray-marching technique.

Unity Versions

* Built-in RP - Unity2018.4 or later
* Universal RP - Unity2019.3, Unity2020.2
* HDRP - Unity2019.3, Unity2020.2

Unity Versions for VR

VR is only tested on Oculus Rift

* Built-in RP(VR) Multi Pass - Unity2018.4 or later
* Built-in RP(VR) Single Pass - Unity2018.4 or later
* Built-in RP(VR) Single Pass Instanced - Not Available
* Universal RP(VR) Multi Pass - Not Available
* Universal RP(VR) Single Pass - Unity2019.3, Unity2020.2
* Universal RP(VR) Single Pass Instanced - Not Available
* HDRP(VR)- Not Available

Available Build Targets

* Windows
* MacOS
* iOS
* Android
* WebGL2

Online Document

See online document if you need more detailed informations.

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