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Offered at a 25% discount over buying the modules independently, the MicroSplat Terrain Collection offers these modules in one package:

- Anti Tiling

- MicroSplat Core Module

- Global Texturing

- Dynamic Snow

- Puddles, Streams, Lava & Wetness

- Terrain Blending

- Terrain Holes

- Tessellation and Parallax

- Texture Clusters

- Triplanar UV

- Wind and Glitter

The Ultimate Bundle is also available with 18 modules at a discount

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MicroSplat is the fastest and most feature rich terrain shader available, with over 500 five star reviews. From flowing water and lava, to simple blending of objects with terrains, to anti-tiling features like Texture Clustering and Stochastic Sampling, MicroSplat does it all and does it faster. Supports up to 32 PRB textures per terrain, unless using the 256 texture module.

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