uTire Dynamic Tire Deformation

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V2 is coming in November! Upgrade-path is going to be free for V1 users. :)

1.3.6 - HDRP and SRP Tessellation support

1.3 - 3D World Collisions

1.2 - HDRP, URP and Legacy Rendering support, use the Integration Manager to install SRP packages. Currently the 10.x and up is supported.

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uTire is a tire deformation solution designed to be fast, convincing-looking and as easy to use as possible with two set shader variants out of the box.

Standard is extremely lightweight, it almost acts like a blendshape, but it takes into account the base tire pressure, speed, angle and compression as well. It works really well on mostly flat terrain, and can handle hundreds of cars easily, but fails miserably on steep terrain.

3D World Collisions variant is considerably heavier, however, it can conform to almost any collider using raycasts(which are fully customizable to fit your performance budget). Suitable for any situation.

If you have any vehicle with a wheel and want to add a bit of extra realism at virtually no performance cost in no time, look no further.


-3D world collisions

-HDRP, URP, Legacy Rendering support. Older LWRP(or HDRP for that matter) versions available upon request(to avoid bloating the project)

-Integration with EVP, RCC, NWH, NWH2 and WheelController3D(but you don't need any of these to use uTire)

-Mobile Ready(Tessellation is supported but it's optional)

-Easy to set up(really, it only takes a few minutes)

-Easy to integrate into any project

-Works at runtime and at design time

-Can change the wheelCollider's size as well, not just the visual appearance

-Custom editors for everything

-Everything is in a custom namespace, with commented public functions and scripting examples for common scenarios(like creating\\removing a vehicle at runtime, or changing the tire pressure either globally or on a per wheel basis)

-Performs extremely well, both the shader and the manager

-There are multiple shader variations(PBR, PBR with tessellation, simple(diffuse with vertex deformation), instancing is supported as well)

-2 rim and 2 tire meshes with 6 tread patterns

-Suitable for both realistic and stylized styles

Online Manual

Setup tutorial

Online Script Reference

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