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Preview 1: /watch?v=u0HVf-vhSew

Preview 2: /watch?v=BwKkKfUVhXw

Preview 3: /watch?v=n3RHoTaOZcY

Tutorial 1: /watch?v=GsRnFH47n7Q

Tutorial 2: /watch?v=Ivq3IN4s88k

The pack is designed to create different scenes with objects that can be destroyed according to the physics laws. Build your own destructible scenes with these physical assets! You can create wooden, brick and concrete constructions which can be completely destroyed. You can create trees which behave as a rag-doll on the scene. The objects can have different destruction depth.

The pack includes objects grouped by physical properties:

• Brick objects: a wall, a wall with a window hole, a wall with a doorway;

• Concrete objects: a fence, walls, a wall with a window hole, a wall with a doorway;

• Glass objects: windows with enabled and disabled Impact damage parameter;

• Slate objects: a roof and one sheet of slate;

• Wooden objects: doors, fences, walls, a wall with a window hole and a wall with a doorway.

The Paсk contains FirstPersonPh with adjusted collisions. Use the blueprint BP_Bullet to adjust the destructive power of the bullet.

You can use this pack in your games or create destructible scenes just for your psychological relief :)

Technical Details

• (2) maps
- DemoScene
- Assets
• (40) destructible objects
• (1) static mesh
• (2) skeletal meshes with physics assets
• (2) particle for bullet
• (43) materials and 53 textures
• (5) blueprints:
- blueprint for the bullet ( allows you to adjust the damage radius)
- blueprint for the palm (transfers the palm into the ragdoll mode after the bullet hit )
- blueprint for the pine (transfers the pine into the ragdoll mode after the bullet hit )
- blueprints for the palms and blueprint for the pine with basic class
• (1) FirstPersonPh with collision and weapon settings
Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux

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