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This project extends the basic VR project with the ability to levitate objects. Both hands can be used seperately. In the blueprint you can modify the variables to make it a precise levitation that moves only one object slowly or you can set it to have a huge range and great force.

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Technical Details


  • Grab (Trigger) (Selecting targets/stop levitation)
  • Thumb Axis Y (Pull close / push away)


  • LevTargetMeshEnabled: Enables the mesh that helps targeting in targeting state. (Change the mesh however you want)
  • LevParticleEnabled: Enables the mesh that helps targeting in levitation state.
  • LevMaxObjects: Maximum number of objects you can levitate
  • LevTargetingRange: The maximum range of targeting objects.
  • LevTargetPrecision: The radius of the targeting sphere
  • LevOffsetRange: The randomly generated relative positions' range
  • LevForceMult: The multiplier of the force that's applied during levitations.
  • MinLevDist: Minimum range of levitation
  • MaxLevDist: Maximum range of levitation
  • LevDistSpeed: Speed of pulling the objects closer/push the objects away

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Oculus

Supported Target Build Platforms: Oculus

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