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Preview: /watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=lcRJa6Ymaig
Blue Man VehicleAI Plugin provides you with 3 advanced Vehicle AI Components which are just plug and play. Blue Man VehicleAI Plugin is built with your project in mind so it is very easy to integrate it into your current project. Every AI Component comes with a set of Blueprint nodes to easily communicate with the system. Every AI Component has a list of settings for you to customize. Blue Man VehicleAI Plugin comes with full source code for you to learn from it or customize it as you want.
Blue Man VehicleAI has 3 types of AI:
- Advanced Pathfinding
- Racing
- Deathmatch
I made a set of tutorial to get you started: /playlist?list=PLhO-m3ogteryIkBZUdnlOBFZxx1YUoMS8
- Resolution and format are modified using Gimp 2
- Assets from the Advanced Vehicle template were used for the presentation

Technical Details

List of Modules:
BlueMan_VehicleAI [Runtime]
List of Actor Components:
- VehicleAI_AdvancedPathfinding
- VehicleAIModule_DeathMatch
- VehicleAIModule_Racing
Bonus Actor Component:
- RollDetectionModule
List of Custom Actors:
- RacingAI_RacingLineWaypoint
- RacingAI_Waypoint
- PathfindingWaypoint *New
- AdvancedPathfindingController *New
List Of Custom Pawns:
- AdvancedPathfindingVehicle *New
Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation: Tutorial Playlist

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