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Links for videos:

Practical usage of Blueprint:

game “catch up”:


This is just one Blueprint that works in editor mode. For ease of use, the area in which it works is displayed as a transparent green sphere.

Generator marks each spawned position with Tag which gives you next opportunities:

  • Easily access and sort the spawned points.
  • With this tag, you can also quickly add your points that you think are needed. 
  • Each spawned point is an independent element of the scene, so you can move or delete them as needed.
  • After points spawn, you can remove Generator from scene, points won't be lost.

Open-Source Code:

if you want to change something in logic or add your own part, you can always open this blueprint and rewrite it as you like. Everything is written carefully and you can immediately understand where to change, thanks to the comments, in spite of these pasta.


Just as an example a game “catch-up” with a bot. By sorting the target points he finds all safe positions and goes to any of them(randomly), also in each position, the bot decides which state to take: sit, stand or lie, it's displayed in the upper left corner.

Technical Details

If you want to use only generator of positions from this project, without other stuff, then copy to your project only one folder "Generator", everything will work correctly.


  •  you can add/remove/transform spawned target points
  • open-source code
  • folder "PositionGenerator" can be added to any project
  • small size(32 Mb) or (3.2 Mb, if you only want to use generator)
  • works with instances

How to use?

 After you have selected generator on the scene in the defaults tab will be opened menu with provided API.

  There are two buttons here: 

  •   to calculate points on the map(Searching All Pos).
  •   delete everything what this blueprint has placed in its radius(Clear).

   Also you can see radius of blueprint work(Radius Of Checking), which changes can be observed on the scene dynamically.


Number of Blueprints: 8

Network Replicated: Yes

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Supported Development Platforms: every that is supported by the engine

Supported Target Build Platforms: every that is supported by the engine

Documentation: No (everything is described on this page)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Unreal Engine 4.22+


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