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Preview: /playlist?list=PLLNIC5JULdKVAzLJN3SiaqMiHvKTIjg9f
Quick Gravity Tools works like a trigger and allows you to quick enable various gravity settings to a large number of static meshes, with few clicks, without need to set each of one individually.
Quick Gravity Tools works with any static mesh. You only need to drop the "GravitySettings" BP into your level, and set the desirable static mesh to "Movable", in "Mobility Settings". Alternatively, you can use Tags and Tags Names too.
* Useful group feature: You can set each trigger individually, with individual settings, including using static meshes with certain groups of tag names specified *
Things like : Radial Force , Radial Impulse, Radius, Linear and Angular velocity can set direct in "GravitySettings" blueprint.
You can choose to use between Radial Force or a constant Linear and Angular Velocity. All this ready to be set in "Gravity Settings" BP, direct in your level!
Prerequisites: The meshes you want to be affected by the "GravitySettings" BP, must have mobility set to "movable".
Works with gravity set to ON or OFF.
*Update: Added options "Auto Start" and "Time to Auto Start"; Added new map with new examples.

Technical Details

Number of blueprints: 1
Number of static meshes : 2 (from engine)
Number of materials: 5
Fully commented blueprints.
Intended platforms : Windows
Tested platforms : Windows
Network Support: Not implemented
Dodumentation included: NO.
Important/Additional notes: Video Tutorials on Youtube + Tutorial Blueprint

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