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Preview: /watch?v=1fc8-oCwi4E
This pack of 16 post-process materials provide the ability to simulate screen glitches, TV monitors and some other special effects. Materials can be combined to achieve a complex look and each material provide a set of controls to get a more unique feeling that can fit any projects.
A demonstration level is provided to showcase all the materials either individually or combined. Each material comes with an instanced version for easy tweaking and real-time look dev.

Technical Details

List of the 16 post-process contained in this pack:

  • Sharpen (blend between two sharpen preset)
  • Lens distortion (inverted barrel) - VR-compatible
  • Chromatic radial blur and Radial blur (with performance and size controls)
  • Underwater (screen distortion + Tri-Planar caustic projection from camera)
  • Broken glass (distortion based on normal map + progressive blending) - VR-compatible
  • Frozen glass (distortion + progressive blending) - VR-compatible
  • Pixelate & Posterize (resolution and color index control)
  • Difference & Color offset (grayscale or color cycle, Inverted color after mid-values)
  • Pulse force (horizontal force wave that distort the scene/screen)
  • Pulse Wallhack (pulse that project a grid in Tri-Planar + show objects hidden behind walls)
  • TV CRT Monitor simulation (with flickering and scan-line)
  • Screen glitch (image offset, pixelate, compression simulation and stretch)
  • Bump (bas-relief simulation + glitch)
  • ASCII (convert screen into lines of text based on a charset - 2 are available by default)
  • Dithering classic (Cluster Dot, Bayer, Halfton and Blue noise)
  • Dithering glitch (broken dithering that offset colors in grayscale)

Package size: 60mb

Intended Platforms: Desktop & partially VR


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