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!!IMPORTANT!! - as of Unreal Engine 4.18, this requires the APEX plugin to be enabled BEFORE adding to your project.

Weaponized Environments is a set of Blueprint components that allow the "Weaponizing" of static meshes used as props in the level. It is done via Actor Tags and is incredibly simple to use. It works for any static mesh actor you want it to, as long as it is set to "Movable". It allows for destructible meshes, all weapons can be thrown or used as a melee weapon, and it comes with an optional damage system should you need a starting point. All components are optional and designed to be compatible with just about any other blueprint, and works best as an addition to other weapons systems.

Technical Details

• The ability to turn any static mesh in your level into a weapon, usable by players and NPCs
• A basic damage system
• Destructible mesh support
• Weapons are both Melee and Thrown
• Easy to use tools to set up your weapons
• Offset manager to make the weapons look right when held
• Plenty of variables for communicating with your animation Blueprints
• Example level "Fight Pub" filled with meshes, textures and materials for your own project
• Detailed, easy to understand documentation with step by step instructions and pictures
• "Weaponizer" Blueprint component
• "WeaponizerAI" Blueprint component
• "Tagger" Blueprint Actor
• "Untagger" Blueprint Actor
• "OffsetManager" Blueprint Actor
• "WE_Projectile_DM" Destructible Projectile Actor
• "WE_Melee_DM" Destructible Actor Blueprint
• "DestructibleArray" - Struct
• "OffsetArray" - Struct
• "CheckDead" - Blueprint Interface
• "PickupHUD" Widget
• "FightPub" Example Level
Example Game's Floor Texture downloaded from
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