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This pack contains huge enviro library of carefully optimised, atlased foliage assets. In our pack you will find:

  • 8 fir trees (with few bark variants)
  • 7 poplar trees
  • 12 rocks (with auto -cover, uv free and standard variants)
  • 26 grass models
  • 47 ground materials
  • 2 trunks
  • 6 roots
  • Tesselated landscape material with UV mix function
  • Demo scene from video

With our assets you are able to create nice looking and fast forest or meadow. Pack contain normal and auto covered materials for rocks which give you ability to blend them with landscape.

In ground textures you will find: sand, wet ground, grass, moss, rocks, stones, roads, dirt, leaves, litter, grass, pebbles, roots and much more. All textures are perfect tiled and prepared from scanned data. They could be used as cover materials for rocks too. Few examples we made as blueprints.

Fir trees have few bark variants so you could customize them alot.

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Technical Details

Texture Sizes: (atlased and packed in: Base Color/Height, Normal, Metallic/Roughness/Ambient Occlusion)

  •  47 landscape texture sets 2048x2048 (124 textures)
  • 104 foliage textures 1024 x 2048 up to 4096 x 4096
  • 45 rock textures 2048x2048

Collision: automatically generated, and capsules (for trees)

Vertex Count and LOD's:

Fir Trees:

  • Small 3600/1800/900/400/billboard
  • Big 16000/9000/5000/1300/billboard
  • Forest 7000/2800/1400/400/billboard

Poplar Trees:

  • Small 12000/7400/3500/2100/billboard
  • Big 37000/15000/10000/4500/billboard
  • Big2 27000/13000/7500/3200/billboard
  • Forest 12000/6700/3300/2000/1100/billboard

Photo Scanned Trunks:

  • 3500/1200/600/115 tri


  • Simple: 15 tri
  • Big bushes: 107/50/21 tri


  • Big 8000/4000/2000/806/242 tri
  • Medium 2300/1100/500/66 tri
  • Small 450/226/112/30 tri


  • 1100/478/210/87

Road Borders:

1400/500/100 tri

Number of Meshes:

  • 13 rocks
  • 15 trees (4 small, 4 big, 2 medium, 5 forest)
  • 6 roots models
  • 26 grass models : clover , fern, heather, bush, simple, nettle and other small plants

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

  • 2 bark materials and 13 instances
  • 1 leaves material and 2 instances
  • 1 tree billboard material and 13 instances
  • 2 grass materials and 12 instances
  • 4 rock materials 23 instances (normal, auto-covered, uv free versions)

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