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This product provides the possibility to add buffs/debuffs to every actor you want. You can even create your own buffs/debuffs. This product includes two buff icon sheet Textures, you can edit them or just use your own. If you want to create your own buff/debuff or just play around with this system I strongly suggest that you watch the video tutorial before, this prevents you from messing up your project. If you want an actor to be affected by status effects, just apply a "BP_BuffComponent" to it. Every buff/debuff must inherit from "BP_Buff_Parent".

Showcase: here

Tutorial: here (Timestamps in the description)

Credits: The icons are originally taken from game-icons.net under Creative Commons . Changes were made to one of the base icons and all of the recolored ones.

Technical Details


  • Use buffs/debuffs to influence all the actors you want
  • Create your own buffs/debuffs or customize already existing ones
  • This product is fully customizeable and written in blueprints
  • Every buff/debuff can be activated temporary or permanently
  • This system can be applied to players and NPC's
  • Use your own health system with already existing buffs/debuffs such as "Regeneration" or "Bleeding"
  • Every buff/debuff can be stackable or not
  • Every buff has one of four behaviors which tells it how to react if it gets added to an actor and the same buff is already active (Do nothing, refresh, override old, stack)

Number of Blueprints: 13

Number of Materials: 1

Input: WASD - Movement, E - Switch buff icon visibility options

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Android, Linux, Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Android, Linux, Windows

Documentation: To learn how to script with this product, add your own buffs and more watch the tutorial video.

Tip for creating your own sprite sheet:

  1. The icon size must be 200x200 pixels.
  2. To use your icon sheet open "M_StatusIcons_Inst" or create a copy of it.
  3. Replace the texture parameter with your icon sheet texture.
  4. Replace "IconsX" with the amount of icons on the X-Axis.
  5. Replace "IconsY" with the amount of icons on the Y-Axis.

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