Stylized Forest Cave

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This package contains simple landscape and a few props.

Update: added cave

Update cave video:

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Technical Details


This package contains simple landscape and a few props.

Particles: Fire, Smoke, Fly.


  • 4 trees ( 4200 - 1200 triangles ) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 7 plants ( 195 - 4 triangles ) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 13 stones ( 2300 - 48 triangles) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 1 bridge ( 2622 ) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 2 cells ( 7200 - 2300 triangles) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 1 firewood ( 494 ) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 1 lamppost ( 1318 ) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 4 ruins ( 552 - 68 triangles) LODs: Yes (auto)
  • 2 skulls ( 2066 - 1422triangles) LODs: Yes (auto)

Number of Meshes: 35

Collision: Yes

Materials: Landscape Material, Mesh Materials, Water material.

Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048

Texture Format: TGA

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Number of Textures: 107 Texture Map (Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Height, and Ambient Occlusion)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One

Supported Target Build Platforms: 4.20/4.21

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