Real Rocks and Stones pack I

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Description: This pack include 13 rocks and stones in photorealistic quality together with six various foliages and five various layer textures. All content can be downloaded separetelly. Pack include project for Unreal Engine 4.20. Unreal project include basic landscape material, vertex painter material with displacement and more, materials are full customized.

Source of all rocks and stones is available to separately download.

Features: 13 Photorealistic rocks and stones 65 Textures in 4k resolution, include Diffuse, Normal, AOR, Roughness, Occlusion, Displacement

Formats OBJ, FBX, UE4, PNG . . .

Andesite 1: Poly 6262 / Verts 3281 Andesite 2:Poly 5101 / Verts 2640 Andesite 3:Poly 6775 / Verts 3483 Andesite 4:Poly 7378 / Verts 3846 Andesite 5:Poly 7361 / Verts 3819 Andesite 6:Poly 7360 / Verts 3851 Stone Boulder 1: Poly 4116 / Verts 2060 Stone Boulder 2: Poly 2090 / Verts 1047 Stone Boulder 3: Poly 5094 / Verts 2644 Stone Boulder 4: Poly 2608 / Verts 1362 Stone Boulder 5: Poly 4940 / Verts 2568 Stone Boulder 6: Poly 3673 / Verts 1911 Stone Boulder 7: Poly 3474 / Verts 1817

Additionally for UE4: 6 Types of foliage: Berberis, Yarrow, Chrisanthema, Cornflower, Thyme, Grass 5 Types of layers textures: Soil, Moss, 2x Rocks, Combined LOD and lightmap setting inside Unreal Engine Customizable materials Foliage material with customised color scheme Stones material with moss switching Basic landscape material with foliage function Surface with vertex painting: Soil, Rock and Wetness

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