Photorealistic Landscape Pack 3

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This set "Photorealistic Landscapes Pack 3" includes highly detailed 64 km2 (8x8 km). These landscapes, will be eligible for next-gen games.

This pack contains 5 different landscapes.

• 2 Canyons Landscape

• 1 Desert Landscape

• 2 Afghan Mountains Landscape

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Technical Details

This pack contains:

• 5 different landscapes.

• 64km2 (8x8) Landscapes (Painted with rock and vegetation)

• High quality 8K HeightMap and SplatMaps.

• 42 High quality ground texture (Diffuse, Normal, Specular Maps 2048x2048)

• 8 Big cliff meshes

• 8 Rock meshes

• 33 Plants meshes

• 9 ground rock meshes

• 1 River mesh

• 3 Master material and 4 instanced material


• NEW material system

• Physically Based Materials

• Auto-painted landscape material

• Easy and understandable material

• New rock and cliff models (3D Scan)

• New textures

• New atmosphere settings

• Easy customization with Landscape instance materials.

• Parallax Occlusion Mapping Materials

• Automatic 3D Mesh generation (Different layers)

• Automatic blending layers using a heightmap.

• Automatic slope variation

• 8x8 km (64 km2)

• High Frame per Second (FPS)

Intended Platforms: Desktop, Console

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