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Pack Version 2.0

Patch Notes:

Infuse Studio is pleased to introduce the Castle Fortress pack, a large realistic environment pack featuring modular castle and fortress assets. Structures interiors and exteriors are fully modeled for seamless gameplay. Fortress buildings and castle walls are macro-modular for quick and easy level design. Smaller pieces are also available for extended customization. Complimentary foliage and rocks are included. Scene comes to life with waving flags and functioning doors. All materials are based on a PBR workflow.


ā€¢ Modular Structures and Castle Walls

ā€¢ Almost all meshes have LODs

ā€¢ Landscape Materials. Cobblestone, Dirt, Grass, and Stoney Ground

ā€¢ Beautiful foliage and rock assets

ā€¢ Structures, Windows and Doors are grid snap friendly

ā€¢ Doors are animated using Blueprints. Press ā€œEā€ to open and close.

ā€¢ Wind sensitive flag and banners

ā€¢ Over 200 Assets!

Technical Details

14 Castle Wall and Tower Pieces (Plus tower stairs)
38 Structure Modules
3 Door types. Each complete with animation.
11 Module Windows
9 Foundation Meshes
6 Stairs. 1 stone, 5 wooden
58 Misc Structures. Wooden Battlements, Walls, Bridges, Braces, Roofs, etc.

3 Juniper Bushes
5 Ivy Variants
4 Grass Variants, 2 Long 2 short.
3 Lavender Flowers
6 Pine Trees, 2 dead, 1 old, 3 mature
3 Cliffs (Large rocks)

3 Flags/Banners
1 Statue of Bearded Male in Cloak.
7 Wooden Spike assets
26 Other Misc. Ladders, Wood beams, Chains, etc

Intended Platforms: Windows
Important/Additional Notes: All Assets have Materials of varying kind. All assets are have correct UV's either for tiling or 0-1 textures. All textures are intended for PBR materials. All textures are 2k or 4k. Most include Albedo, Normal, and a Compact Map (Roughness, Metallic and AO). Doors open and close. Flags meshes react with wind actor.
(Note we do not offer source files upon request.)


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