HUD and GUI Medieval Art Bundle

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Level up your game with more than 600 assets, HUD & GUI Medieval art bundle is the definitive collection of high quality user interface elements, ready to use into your game!

Find all the UI elements you'll need to craft your GUI in 6 different color versions (Red, Green, Blue, Golden, Blue & Brown) to better suit your game. Plus more than 200 graphic icons to fill up your inventory and 86 elements for the windows eye candy. Buy now and get extra 50 spells & UI sound effects.

The pack contains:

UI elements

• 132 round buttons with icons

• 30 special buttons (slider, check buttons)

• 132 square buttons with icons

• 12 buttons for text

Graphics & Icons

• 9 health/mana bar designs

• 2 jewel icons/illustrations

• 9 money icons/illustrations

• 8 potion icons/illustrations

• 1 scroll icon/illustration

• 60 round spells icons/illustrations (activated and deactivated)

• 60 square spells icons/illustrations (activated and deactivated)

• 51 weapon icons (gold, silver and bronze version)

Windows Designs

• 42 GUI Windows (7 designs in 6 different colours)

• 44 ornaments & decorations for your windows

BONUS Sound effects

• 20 GUI SFX

• 30 Spell SFX

Recomended fonts are not included in the pack, but you can download them for free:






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Technical Details

Texture Size (please list textures for each resolution):
• Icons: 128x128
• Buttons\Icons: 50x48 to 100x100
• Buttons\Others:40x48 to 136x106
• Buttons\Text: 74x46
• Health: 20x20 to 256x282
• Windows\Background: 128x128
• Windows\Ornaments: 84x128 to 1024x32
• Windows\Ribbons: 476x112
Number of Textures: 592
Number of sprites: 592
Number of SFX: 50
Intended Platform: All

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