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Lock-on Targeting System V3 IS OUT!* (08-18-2021)! (*Only versions 4.24, 4.25 and 4.26 have been updated to version 3.0. Previous versions will be kept as V2.0)

Preview video: HERE

Tutorials V3.0 (Unreal Engine 4.24, 4.25 and 4.26)

  • How to setup in your project (video): HERE
  • Several tutorials on how to customize (video playlist): HERE
  • Integration with ALSV4: HERE

Tutorials V2.0 (Unreal Engine 4.17-4.23)

  • How to setup (video): HERE
  • LTS tutorials playlist: HERE

Documentation (EN)


Update new features:

  • Quick access to reticle: show or not the reticle; choose the reticle, its size and color; turn the reticle rotation on and off and choose its orientation;
  • Choose whether a character with the Lock-on Component is a target or not;
  • Option to activate lock-on through obstacles and option to ignore obstacles when locked-on;
  • Option to turn off the distance checker;
  • Now works with multiplayer;
  • And many other new features have been added!
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Technical Details

Features. The Lock-on Targeting System project:

  • Lock-on targets (camera looks at the target);
  • Target swap in four directions (↑↓←→);
  • Look at the target (character rotation option);
  • Automatically swap targets when the current target dies (option);
  • Turn off the lock-on system when the distance between the player and the target is greater than the maximum lock-on distance (option);
  • Check for objects between the player and the target (option);
  • Easy setup: detailed documentation (tutorial video soon);
  • Customizable;

Number of Blueprints: 4 (not counting the ThirdPersonTemplate blueprints)

  • 1 Component: "LockOnComponent";
  • 1 Widget: "LockOnSphereWidget";
  • 1 Interface: "TargetInformationsInterface";
  • 1 Actor (shape): "LockOnElements".


  • 4 Reticles PNG;
  • 1 Enumeration;
  • 1 Structure;
  • 1 Simple artificial intelligence (1 AI controller, 1 blackboard, 1 behavior tree and 1 task);

*contains all ThirdPersonTemplate.



  • TAB/middle mouse button/right thumbstick button

-Swap Targets:

  • i/mouse up/right thumbstick up: swap to the further
  • k/mouse down/right thumbstick down: swap to the closer
  • j/mouse left/right thumbstick left: swap to the left
  • l/mouse right/right thumbstick right: swap to the right

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes


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