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Documentation Trailer (Old) |  RoadMap  | Demo V1.3 | Overview Video

An Old School Retro FPS Kit to help you start making classic shooter games made with 100% blueprints.

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Technical Details


  • Blueprints in the project have been commented to explain what they do
  •  Weapon System the kit comes with 5 weapons with weapon changing ( Pistol, Shotgun, Minigun, RPG and Fists)
  • 3 Enemies ( 1 melee enemy which attacks when close to the player and two ranged enemies one shoots two projectiles at once and the other only fires one projectile at a time.
  • Enemies have 4 sprite directions, you can view them from the : Front, Back, Left and Right.
  •  Control enemies movements they come with 3 movement options ( idle, roam randomly and move between certain patrol points)
  • End Level Stats there is a blueprint which counts all the enemies and items in the level. When you reach this at the end of the level it will display as a percentage how many enemies you defeated in the level and how many items you picked up.
  • Explosive barrel. Explodes and damages anything nearby within the radius
  • Health Pick Ups
  • Shield Pick Ups
  • Ammo Pick Ups
  • Game Over System
  • Main Menu System
  • Pause System
  • Unlockable Doors With A Key
  • Automatic Door System

Number of Blueprints:+30

Input: Keyboard + Mouse

CC0 asset credits and links:

Sound Effects By : Qubdup

Explosion Sprites : Joshua Robertson

CC0 1.0 Universal

Gun Sprites : Uisco

Enemy and Object Sprites : Paul Zarczynski

Floor + Wall Sprites : Wyris

Blood Effect From O

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