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Release Date of Version 1.0: 21st November 2019

Current Product Version: 1.1

Current Version Release Date: 2nd January 2020

The RPG User Interface Kit provides user interfaces, Blueprints, actor interaction code, props, and other related content that can be used as the basis for a "first or third person single player medieval high fantasy role playing game”.


  1. Character management system - view name, attributes, skills, quests, current enchantments and spell effects
  2. Item management system - including equipping items, inspecting items and physically manipulating items in the world
  3. Spell management system - 4 full spell effects included - includes equipping and casting spells
  4. Favourite system - for quick access to items and spells
  5. Trading system - trade with an NPC
  6. Quest system - included objective types are Kill NPC, Take Item, Enter Location, Speak to NPC
  7. Crafting system - craft weapons, armor, rings, necklaces and potions
  8. Enchanting system - 3 distinct enchantment effects included all customizable
  9. Health, stamina and power bars - recharges over time, fades out and in when changing value
  10. Container (e.g. treasure chests) interaction system

Video overview:

Note: Some static meshes are from my other product, Medieval Buildings Volume 1 .

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Technical Details


  • Classes: 22
  • Interfaces: 2
  • Enumerations: 22
  • Structures: 20

Materials and Textures

  • Materials: 30
  • Material Instances: 97
  • MPCs: 3
  • Render Targets: 2
  • Textures: 409

Texture Resolutions

  • 6 @ 4096 x 4096
  • 124 @ 2048 x 2048
  • 282 @ 1024 x 1024 or lower


  • Cues: 18
  • Waves: 27

User Interface

  • Font Faces: 16
  • Widget Blueprints: 31


  • Data Tables: 15
  • String Tables: 1


  • Niagara Emitters: 14
  • Niagara Systems: 11

Static Meshes

  • Quantity: 95
  • Avg vert count: 1461

Supported Dev & Target Platforms: Windows

User Guide:

Preconfigured Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Save Game System Included: No

Support Thread:

Integration with other products: An alternative version is available upon request that is integrated with the AARPGMCS

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