Medieval Weapons Pack 3

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Two types of medieval spears, 1 medieval style longbow with arrow and one medieval crossbow with bolt. Relatively low poly counts with LOD, clean texturing and normal maps for easily adding your own personal design touch and simple, low instruction, easy to customize material. These spears and bows are from my original Medieval Weapons pack, broken down into a smaller/cheaper pack.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)
Physically-Based Rendering: (Yes)
Texture Size (Spears - Diffuse=1024x1024 - Normal=2048x2048 - Mask=1024x1024 - Detail=512x512) - (Bows - Diffuse=2048x2048 - Normal=2048x2048 - Mask=2048x2048 - Detail=512x512)
Collision: (Yes, Custom)
Vertex Count: Between 708 - 2305
LODs: LOD0 - LOD1 - Crossbow LOD0 - LOD2
Number of Meshes: 1 mesh (per spear, bow, arrow, crossbow and bolt) - 2 spears + 1 bow + 1 arrow + 1 crossbow + 1 bolt (total)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 base material - 1 base instance - 5 instances (total - shared)
Number of Textures: 5 per model (1 Diffuse - 1 Normal - 1 Mask - 2 Detail) - Total Textures = 3 Diffuse - 3 Normal - 3 Mask - 2 Detail (total - shared)
Engine Compatibility: 4.10.2
Intended Platform: Desktop (should work on others)
Platforms Tested: Desktop
Documentation Included: (No)
Important\Additional Notes: The detail maps can be disabled as a material option in favor of "baked" detail to use less textures and more accurate detail. I've done it like this to keep normal maps clean for customization after the fact, but still have surface details out of the box.

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