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Advanced Settings is a set of settings consisting of four animated themes, each including three types of settings - graphic, sound and control settings, as well as the main menu. Also, this pack includes 18 sound menus, plus one full audio track and one environmental track.

Technical Details



  •  4 animated user interface themes (White, Blur, Black and Yellow), each of the themes includes four widgets (Main Menu, Graphic Settings, Audio Settings, Controls)
  •  Graphic settings include:

Graphical Quality

Post Processing



Screen Resolution

Limit FPS

Field Of View

Full screen\Windowed

  •  Audio Settings include:

Music Volume

Ambient Volume

Effect Volume

UI Sound Volume (where applicable two themes without sounds)

  • Controls Settings include:

Remapping keys

Invert mouse X, Y

Mouse Sensitivity

  • All settings are saved in three different files (AudioSettings.sav, ControlsSettings.sav, VideoSettings.sav) by pressing the Apply key. And loaded the next time you start.
  • 20 menu sounds (button sounds, 1 full audio track and 1 ambiance track "birds". Track "birds" was taken from noise

Number of Blueprints: 5 (and 17 widget Blueprints)

Input: Keyboard, Mouse.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No

Important/Additional Notes:


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