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Realistic Rain Pack is a pack containing various components that are easy to integrate into your project in order to create a believable rainy weather scenario. The core functionality and features of the rain effects are conveniently put inside a Material Function you can simply drag and drop into your own materials.

See it in action:

3D and Glass rain effects will work regardless of orientation.

Technical Details


  •  2D/Ground Master Material - With ambient water ripples and defined procedural ripples.
  •  3D Master Material - Directionally based ripples and animated, running water streaks, independent of orientation.
  •  Glass Master Material - Rain switch, Running water streaks and static water drops.
  •  Cheap Glass Master Material - Simple, cheap and performant Glass material with rain droplets and animated dripping.
  • Separate Particle Effects for Rain and Ground Splashes. Splashes react to collision.
  • Blueprint containing both Rain and Ground Splashes for ease of use.

Texture Resolutions:

  • Noise: 1024x1024
  •  Rain: 256x256
  • Dripping: 1024x1024
  • Droplets: 1024x1024
  • Splash: 256x256

Number of Materials: 6

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Pack comes bundled with instanced materials.

Number of Textures: 7

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Documentation: N/A

Important/Additional Notes: N/A


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