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Pack Version 1.3

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This update adds support for static lighting and has more optimized meshes.

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This environment pack features everything you might need to incorporate smithing into your game. Props are highly interactive with Blueprint animations and effects. For example, you can stoke the forge by operating the bellows lever. Watch the fires swell and smoke billow. Among the props you’ll discover a variety of Metal ingots and their advanced materials including Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, Dwarf Metal, Mythic and More! Ingot materials are highly customizable. Smithing equipment includes a functioning grindstone and a pair of battered Anvils. A large amount of Hammers, Tongs, and other small tools are included and have physics constraints where applicable. A few modular building pieces with modeled interiors and exteriors are included. Customize these structure with Door, windows, and wall inserts that snap into place easily.

Demo Map features the soot stained home and workspace of an experienced blacksmith. Scattered about the site are hammers, tongs, and other small tools which hang haphazardly on tool racks. A pair of anvils, bellows, and a grindstone are arranged around the master smith’s forge, a blackened stone hearth with a bed of glowing hot coals.


Interactive props by pressed the “E” key driven by blueprints

Almost all meshes have LODs

Technical Details

Equipment: Regular Anvil, Regular Anvil on Stump, T-stake Anvil, T-Stake Anvil on Stump, Bellows, Forge, Water Barrel Full, Water Barrel Empty, Grind Stone, Crate, Crate Lid, 2 Work Benches, 5 tool racks and shelves, Saw horse.
Tools: Bolster Plate, Center Dot, 3 Hammers, Hot Chisel, 4 Tongs
Structure: 4 Large Modular pieces, 1 Door, 4 Windows, Post Foundation, 2 Wood Beams, Stone Stairs, 3 plain walls.
Other: Ingot(with 12 Material), 4 Scrap Metal, 2 Scrap Metal Piles, 3 Coal Piles, Nails, Bent Nails, horse shoe, Hanging blacksmith sign.
Texture Sizes: 2k to 4k
Intended Platform: Desktop, Console
All Assets have Materials of varying kind. All assets are have correct UVs either for tiling or 0-1 textures(which are included). All textures are intended for PBR materials. All textures are 2k with few exception (Cliffs are 4k). Most include Albedo, Normal, and a Compact Map (Roughness, Metallic and AO). Doors open and close with command “e”. Equipment operate with command “e”. Assets have collision meshes if applicable. Post Processing setting set to High or Epic for the lights to render correctly in the Showcase map.
Although not necessary, this pack is designed to be an Expansion to Infuse Studio’s Castle Fortress pack. In terms of scale, visuals, performance, etc. Blacksmith Forge modular buildings will align and snap perfectly with buildings from Castle Fortress. Blacksmith Forge Demo Map can be streamed seamlessly with the Demo Map from the Castle Fortress pack. Documentation for this can be found on our website.

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