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Version 2.1 Features:

  • INCLUDED: Over 200 Animations from Mocap Online, many custom to this pack only.
  • Network Replicating Multiplayer 3rd Person Shooter
  • Master Blueprints for all Assets
  • UE4 SK_Mannequin Player and MotusMan NPC 3D Characters
  • Weapon and Projectile system
  • Character Animations & Controls
  • Extensive “TestMap” Level included.
  • Four types of configurable automated moving platforms.
  • Falling damage for Player.
  • Acid Pools cause damage with audio feedback.

Comprehensive set of Blueprints for a third person shooter with network replication for multiplayer support. A modular system and great starting point to create your own game. Many custom Mocap Online animations and audio. Our MotusMan skeletal mesh is used for NPCs, including several demo Animations from our other Packs.

Too many features to mention here.

Please check out the " Full Specs/Details: ".


Check out the FREE Playable Demo, up to eight players. HUGE map for many Players, but do some solo platforming and explore more remote areas with a few surprises to see all the features, weapons, animations and audio design.

FREE Playable Demo Level - Steam and LAN




Walk-through of the playable demo:


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Technical Details

  • Version 2.1 - UE4 Engine 4.18 - 4.XX
  • 100% Blueprints
  • 178 Rifle and Pistol MocapOnline Animations, 32 Aim Offsets, many custom to this pack only.
  • 42 MotusMan MocapOnline demo Animations.
  • Full Player movement in eight directions - Crouching, Walk, Jog, Sprint - Jumping
  • Basic Network Setup for Multiplayer, LAN and Steam.
  • Five base Weapons, Pistol, Scope.
  • Player animations all in-place.
  • Elements from the Free - "Shooter Game Pack" and "Starter Content" © Epic Games - including audio cues/.wav's, materials, particles, textures and objects - are included and used as examples.
  • Custom audio and objects included.
  • All Player animations are on the UE4 Mannequin skeletal mesh.
  • NPC animations are on our MotusMan skeletal mesh It is fully setup as Humanoid for the Retarget Manager.

Instructions for updating v2 WIP to 2.1 new Weapon Socket features:


TUTORIALS - YouTube Playlist: Unreal Engine 4 - MP Third Person Shooter Tutorials

John Galt - Programmer: YouTube

Number of Blueprints: 20+

Input: Keyboard/Mouse

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Documentation is in the HDD folder: “...Project/Source/” - Please read all included docs.


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