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General project overview -

Capture The Flag game mode overview -

Battle Royale game mode overview -

Forum thread -

Template is intended for fast prototyping, fast game modes creation and mostly concentrated on the global game logic. With this template you can create simple game modes like DeathMatch, game modes with many teams and many rounds and even game modes with multistage rounds.

I think the most interesting feature of this project is the teams system - change just one variable and you can have 2, 5, 10, 50 different teams


β†’ DeathMatch

β†’ Team DeathMatch

β†’ Classic

β†’ Capture The Flag

β†’ Asymmetrical game mode example

β†’ Multistage rounds game mode example

β†’ Fast Battle Royale

β†’ Battle Royale - solo, duo, squad x4, 50x50 game modes

Technical Details


  • Highly customizable and flexible architecture
  • 100% Blueprint.
  • 8 game modes. All game modes are independent from each other. All game modes work with listen and dedicated servers.
  • Teams system - change just one variable and you can have as many teams as you want (for example in Battle Royale game mode, in DUO mode are 50 teams)
  • Player class system. Three classes: Assault, Medic and Sniper
  • Spectator mode. After death player can watch for other players
  • 2 lobby types - Classic UI lobby and lobby hub location
  • Map vote system.
  • Projectile based weapons – Pick up, Equip, Holster, Drop
  • Permanent damage system and health regeneration
  • Configurable weapons (damage, effects, sound, kills log icon, etc)
  • Configurable game mode options: round time, friendly fire, allowed classes, etc.
  • Battle Royale with solo, duo, squad x4, 50x50 game modes + plane and moving barrier

  • Number of Blueprints (with widgets): 110
  • Network Replicated: Yes
  • Supported Platforms: PC / Windows
  • Documentation: LINK
  • Important/Additional Notes: This is a Blueprint project. It’s recommended to use this as a base for your project.
  • Engine Compatibility: 4.19+


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  • 4.21
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