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Preview: /watch?v=MYIKxjCcR5A
The Forgotten Hotel environment pack features a hotel weathered by time and neglect. The versatile design is intended to support various game genres. Whether it’s post-apocalyptic, horror, mystery, or simple exploration, this pack can provide a stunning scene. The assets are both functional and time efficient for level designers. A wide array of interior modules gives you a practical library to fit every need. Everything is built for grid snapping and aligning meshes is a breeze. All assets are textured for PBR and have the appropriate Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Normal's, and Opacity Maps needed. Modules use a world tiling material that can be easily swapped out with new textures sets. Assets are built to AAA standards and retain quality even close up.
β€’ Modular interiors
β€’ World tiling materials
β€’ Stunning props
β€’ Beautiful foliage assets
β€’ Grid snap friendly
β€’ Doors and there handles are separate meshes to support animation

Technical Details

55 Modular Interiors- Various Walls, Floors, Doors, Stairs, Rug, etc.
65 Props: TV, Mini Fridge, Microwave, Lambs, Assorted Furniture, Thermostat, Bathroom Furnishings, Luggage, and More!
10 Foliage: Ivy, Grass, Leaf piles
Texture Sizes: 2048
Intended Platform: Desktop, Console
Important\Additional Notes: Ensure that you have the Post Processing setting set to High or Epic for the lights to render correctly in the Showcase map.

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