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This project is a collection of components, each featuring a common stealth ninja game mechanic. The components were developed with stealth ninja games in mind, but they can be implemented to any kind of game that will have cover (wall hiding), ledge movement, grappling hook or action sword combat.

Demonstration Playlist of the Components

This project is a set of the following components:

  • Simple Ledge Climbing System – Handles the character climb and movements on ledges.
  • Cover System – Handles hiding and movements behind walls.
  • Grappling Hook – Handles the grappling hook aim and launch.
  • Targeting System – Handles the camera lock on and target switching.
  • Ninja Combat System – Handles attacking, blocking, projectile throws, item switching and use, rolling, grabbing enemies and enemy’s dead bodies, and stealth kill enemies

And additionally:

  • Enemy Stealth Interaction - Component to handle when the AI is grabbed, stealth killed, or the body is being carried.
  • Item Widget – Widget to chose between items (Default: Grappling hook, Shuriken, Healing and Distraction Rock).
  • Enemies AI - Basic stealth and combat AI for enemies, with perception (sight and hearing) meter, shuriken throws, and alerting other AIs.
  • HUD Blueprint - To indicate enemies off-screen.
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Technical Details


  • Each component can be implemented separately on your character.
  • Both the cover and climbing systems uses line tracers, so they work on any static mesh that blocks the trace, no special actor placement are needed.


  • 98 Animations
  • 5 Demonstration Maps
  • 8 Audio Files

Number of Blueprints: 18 (6 Components; 1 AI; 3 Items; 6 Example Characters, 1 Widget and 1 HUD)

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Documentation and Update Log


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