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Preview: /watch?v=8Os3oErPQKs

Need Doors for your projects or games, look no further. This is an insanely large Door collection with 2342 assets in total. From new to old worn down and grungy doors, we've got you covered. The Doors have UV's unwrapped just as they would be constructed in real life and follow wood grain/fibers pattern.

The pack is divided in 8 groups A-H with different dimensions. Each group has its own set of frames and meshes and are modular. 166 Blueprints are also included, a few from each group.

Note: Physics based doors are not very accurate and tend to rotate more than their limits on application of excessive force. For this you can turn off soft limits in hinge (physics constraint). These were created for previewing purposes to show different sets of doors, but are included anyway. You can also create unique weathering effects like paint peeling, wood warping and cracks using vertex painting tools.

10 Tiling Wood textures with resolution of 4096x4096 are provided and their color and intensity can be changed in material to create many variations. Over 600 Normal Maps are included baked from High Res Geometry.

Glass Material is also very versatile and can be changed from plain to designer,frosted, clear or old.

"One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from . These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information."

Technical Details

No of Assets: 2342

No of Meshes: 813
• 201 Doors Split into 8 Groups with different dimensions
• 59 Frame Designs with upto 44 frames per Group
• 9 Door Knockers/Decorations
• 60 Door Knobs/Handles with variations using Normal Maps
• 11 Glass Designs
• Pair of Door Hinges, few Door specific Grilles, Locks and Peepholes

No of Blueprints: 146
• 59 Physics Based
• 61 User Input Based(Press key to open)

• 45 New Blueprints with audio.

Average Triangle count: - Frames from less than 100-3000 for really complex ones
• Knockers 80-4500
• Others Mostly less than 500

No of Textures: 760

No of Sounds: 8

Texture Resolutions:
• Minimum 512x512 for small parts like Door Hinges
• Maximum 4096x4096 for Wood Textures
• Average 2048x2048 for all Doors, Frames and most assets

Number of Materials:
• 6 Master Materials
• 31 Material Functions
• 559 Material Instances


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