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- Industrial Fence:
- Metal Fence:
- Wooden Fence:

Use the power of splines to create over 250 visually unique fences. Any length, any configuration, any fence structure. This fence pack includes three blueprints to create industrial fences, metal fences, and wooden fences. Simply add spline points (with ALT + drag) and move them to your desired location. This asset utilizes mesh instances to reduce triangles and increase performance. It includes fully documented and exposed blueprint functions for 'check box' ease of use and easy understanding.

Technical Details

Designed for:
- Desktop
- Console
Industrial Fences
- 18 Meshes
- Range of Triangles per Mesh: 2-442
- Range of Triangles per Blueprint Asset: 446-970
Materials & Textures:
- 3 Parent Materials (for optimization)
- 5 Textures (5 Diffuse)
- Texture size range: 512x512- 2048x2048
Fence Types:
- 2 Fence Styles (ChainLink and SquareLink)
- 8 horizontal pole configurations
- 12 barbwire/razorwire configurations

Metal Fences
- 37 Meshes
- Range of Triangles per Mesh: 12-1318
- Range of Triangles per Blueprint Asset: 36-1500 tris
Materials & Textures:
- 3 Parent Materials (for optimization)
- 10 Textures (5 Diffuse, 3 Normal, 2 Displacement)
- Texture size: 2048x2048
Fence Types:
- 2 pole types
- 4 vertical rail configurations
- 5 vertical rail cap variations
- 10 horizontal rail configurations
- Custom rail spacing and exposed RGB Values

Wooden Fences
- 24 Meshes
- Range of Triangles per Mesh: 12-40
- Range of Triangles per Blueprint Asset: 52-128
Materials & Textures:
- 1 Parent Material (for optimization)
- 10 Textures (5 Diffuse and 5 Normal maps)
- All Textures 2048x2048 and Tileable
Fence Types:
- 3 Fence Styles (Picket, Alternate Picket, Solid Board)
- 4 Board Types (Square, Dog-eared, Rounded, Pointed)
- Designer customized picket spacing


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