Driveable Vehicle Pack 2.0

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2.1 Release ( requires engine version 4.24+ )

  • New weapon station Tow launcher with guided missile
  • Two skins for Tow launcher, desert and woodland
  • Blueprint optimization

2.0 Video It's also demonstration for M1- Patriot

Custom character integration ( please follow instruction no matter which vehicle is in use )

Try it before you get it, if you like it tell me why if you don't like it then especially tell me why i will improve the vehicle.

Large map FOB Demo ( resource heavy ) V.2.1

Simple map Demo ( All skins present ) V.2.1

Thank you :)

Fully functional vehicles : MBT M1 - Patriot, APC - Puma, LSV - Rhino, AH - Sparrow

Weapon station : TOW Launcher




Technical Details

List of Features:

  • Fully derivable and destroyable vehicles
  • Wrecked meshes include for vehicles, they are skeletal meshes ( will behave dynamic when destroyed )
  • Working weapons
  • Health and Hud system
  • Switchable cameras
  • Fully customize blueprints, user can add custom sounds or custom particle effects
  • Particle effects : Muzzle flashes, Smoke, Explosions
  • Working sound : Engine, weapons, hud sounds,
  • Multiple skins for vehicles
  • Working armor for APC and MBT
  • Detachable turret for Rhino ( military vehicle )
  • Working gauges, and steering wheel for Rhino
  • Battlefield 4 style controls for helicopter
  • Exit and enter vehicles at any time

Input: Mouse & Keyboard

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Note :

  • Redux 2.0 version i only available from 4.22. release of the engine, older version of the engine have access to older version of the pack
  • Redux 2.1 version i only available from 4.24. release of the engine, older version of the engine have access to older version of the pack


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