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Automatic buildings automatically places modular meshes to form a building. It is a great tool for prototyping, with quick iteration, and is suitable for release. Just change a variable and the building will change correspondingly.

There are two versions of the blueprint: A simple and a complex. 6 templates using both master blueprints. Features of the building blueprint: Ability to change size, to build an extension, placement of windows based on either arrays, interval or randomized, staircase and/or elevator placement, elevator and elevator-door movement functionality (separate blueprint), 3 roof types (hipped, gable & flat), reduce a floor on each width and/or length side, placement of doors based on arrays, different meshes placed in front and/or lower floors, ability to pick the cutoff floor & randomization of wall placement. Building types ex. : A house, a garage, an apartment building, a high-rise/skyscraper etc.

Included are 32 meshes following a 3m x 3m segment size. You can make your own meshes, and change these in the blueprint, or create a new set of meshes following a different size, and then change a few variables to make the blueprint work with these. These meshes make use of the 15 included materials, using “world aligned texture” for consistent scale and no visible seams.

A “Wall building” blueprint is also included, which can make placement of interior walls easy and performant.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 10
- 2 Master building blueprints
- 6 Templates (derived from the masters)
- 1 Elevator blueprint (movement of elevator-doors and elevator cart)
- 1 Wall building blueprint
Features: Read description
Intended Platform: Any
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: In engine tutorial blueprint & YouTube tutorial videos
Important\Additional Notes: You can use your own set of modular meshes with different sizes.

[Static meshes]
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: 2048 x 2048 (Makes use of world aligned textures)
Collision: Automatically generated
Lightmaps: Custom
Vertex Count: 24-739 | Average: 213 | Median: 130
Number of Meshes: 32
LODs: None
Number of Materials: 15 general & 8 mesh-specific
Important\Additional Notes: Since “world aligned textures” is used, the meshes are packed into 1 UVmap,
this is to allow for parts of the mesh being hand painted, while other parts use ”world aligned


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