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Edition 5 of the Advanced Material Pack for UE4, this pack contains the following 17 Instanced Materials:

- Overview Video -

- Gerstner based liquid with Opaque, Masked and Translucent variants, each of which which use distance fields and pixel depth to control opacity, wave height, normal intensity, refraction, undulation and color

- Parallax Occlusion Mapping with view distance based shell count and height as well as support for vertex blending and clear coat

- Tessellated and displaced PBR with view distance fade to control tessellation density and height as well as pixel depth fade to seamlessly blend props with other objects (landscape actors, floors, etc.) while remaining opaque

- Directional blend which allows for two texture sets to blend together based in world direction (only show rock on bottom and snow on top for example)

- Advanced translucent and TAA dithered masked surface (glass, etc.)

- Volumetric lighting particle surface (only renders if hit by volumetric lights - Great for light shafts, dust motes, etc.)

- Advanced light function (light mask with animation and pulse features)

- Pulse which can control surface offset, displacement, emissive brightness and color

- Advanced skin which utilizes a subsurface profile

- Eye ball with full parallax depth

- Advanced foliage

- Hologram

The materials and instances are all organized and labeled for an efficient workflow.

Technical Details

The pack includes the following assets.

- 1 Environment

- 9 Static Meshes

- 51 Textures

- 16 Materials

- 23 Material Instances

- 20 Material Functions

- 2 Subsurface Profiles

- 1 Particle System


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