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Edition 2 of the Advanced Material Pack for UE4, this pack contains the following 9 Materials:
- Parallax with Offset RGBA and Full-Color Emissive support
- Parallax 3-Way Weight Blend
- Skin
- Ice
- World Axis Blend Tessellated Displacement (Two material blend based on object orientation - Useful for Snow which only appears on top of an object)
- Tessellated Displacement Landscape (Specifically for Landscape Actor)
- Ice/Snow Landscape with Tessellated Displacement (Specifically for Landscape Actor)
- Ice/Snow 3-Way Blend
- Vertex Paint Water (Control wave height influence based on Alpha Channel and color values via RGB channels - Useful for having flat, different colored water near the shoreline)

Technical Details

Designed for Desktop
The pack includes the following assets.
- 1 Environment
- 5 Static Meshes
- 55 Textures
- 10 Materials
- 12 Material Instances

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