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"Demo for Windows

Realistic FPS Engine main focus is on the quality of shooting. This framework makes the development of your shooting game very simple and fast. Its implementation is very easy (Plug n play) for both new games and old ones.
Demo - RigidbodiesIn this scene you will find different mass Rigid Bodies which will behave differently on damaging by different weapons. This will be based upon the shooting force of that weapon
Demo - Target Shooting
\tIn this scene there is a complete shooting range. 2 types of targets are placed. Shoot them up to test all of your weapons
Demo - Turrets
\tIn this scene you will find a nice environment in which Turrets AI has been placed. When you reach in their range they target you and shoot at you. You can shoot back and destroy them.
Demo - Zombies Day
In this scene Zombie AI has been added. Same environment, once zombies see you they come to you and attack you. It’s in day mode
Demo - Zombies Night
In this scene Zombie AI has been added. Same environment, once zombies see you they come to you and attack you. It’s in night mode. It’s a scary scene with flash light effect.
AI System
Mobile friendly AI system has been added in the framework. Zombies are the enemies and they follow the player and attack once in the range.
Very realistic effects has been used and its very easy to your own. Shooting muzzle and bullet hitting effects are included in the package. More different actions to play different sounds has also been added. It makes the shooting very realistic.
• Easy to use system to add or modify new weapons.
• 6 weapons added and integrated
• Zombies AI
• Turret AI
• Day Mode
• Scary Night Mode
• Flash Light system in Night Mode
• Mobile and Computer Controls
• RayCast Shoot System
• Melee weapon support
• Support different hits effect
• System of different sound
• AI Ready
• Player vs AI
• Ready Animator Controller.
• Health system
• Damage System
• Weapon Player Building system

In the Realistic FPS Engine, we have used following assets.
• Simple Turret System (Paid - $5 (It’s our own))
• Soldier Free
• Ultra Real
• Weapons HQ4
• Zombie
• Easy to use documentation
Contact Us
Feel free to contact us. You can send us your projects or games that you made using our package and we can promote it on our website.If you encounter any difficulty feel free to contact us.
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We hope you get more than you wish with Realistic FPS Engine.


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