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FMETP STREAM share your Game View to any platforms.

Adding Live Stream feature into your apps with ease!

Recent Latency Test:

Macbook Pro -> M1 iMac:

+ Tutorials (step-by-step)

- Quest VR:

- AR Streaming:

- Web Browser(p1):

- Web Browser(p2):

- Hololens 2:

- Panorama Stream:

+ New Updates: Improved Auto Network Discovery with FMNetworkUDP (fixed bug on iOS 14.5 and some Android Phones)

+ New Updates: Added AsyncGPUReadback feature for supported devices

+ New Updates: TextureEncoder supports Texture2D/RenderTexture as input source

+ New Updates: improved performance on Hololens(UWP), and mobile platforms

+ New Experiment: support MJPEG decoder

You can now fill the MJPEG Stream(byte[]) into GameViewDecoder via Action_ProcessMJPEGData(byte[])

+ Many Use Cases

Share Game View | Video Chat | Remote Assist | Teaching & Learning | Research | VR Monitoring | Projection Mapping | XR Event Showcase | Fun Experiments | Hologram

+ Easy Setup

adding Live Stream feature to your project in 3~4 mins, with no coding skill required by following our Youtube tutorials.

+ Experiment Feature (v1.319)

Panorama Streaming Supported (Render Cam Mode)

3 mins guide: Youtube Tutorial

+ Share Win10 Desktop (New Experiment)


360 Seminar, CityU of HK | Win10 to HTML

(Native Encoding with 25~100+% performance boosted)

+ Async Fast Mode (New Experiment)

>>> Macbook (1080P) ~37fps(Fast Mode) to ~100+fps(Async Fast Mode)

>>> Oculus GO(720P) ~29fps(Fast Mode) to ~50+fps(Async Fast Mode)

other testings:

>>> Macbook (720P) 120+fps(Fast Mode)

>>> iPhone 5 (720P) 24+fps(Fast Mode)

(*known issue: EncodeToJPG() is overridden on iOS)

+ GZip Mode

Reduced Network Traffic(All platforms)

rawbyte.FMZipBytes() | zipbyte.FMUnzipBytes()

+ Stream your live video with ease(Cross platform)

- Capture & Streaming In-Game Audio and Video

- CaptureMode: RenderCam, MainCam, Full Screen(UI Canvas)

- Microphone Streaming Support

- Mac/PC/iOS/Android/*Linux/Oculus Go/Oculus Quest/HoloLens/*Magic Leap

- included UDP/TCP/WebSocket Demos

HoloLens 2 Guide: Unity Build Settings

[Networking] FM Network UDP(Cross platform)

- Server<-> multi-Clients Networking

- Large File Sender Example

[Networking] FM WebSocket(Cross platform)

- Added WebGL Build support, tested WebGL(mobile)

- Added Server<-> multi-Clients Networking Structure (demo required node.js +

- *Amazon Web Services Compatible

###Some useful tools for exhibition purpose are also included ###

+ Battery Saving Mode

provide a sleep mode for your app, when there is no one playing. it's extremely useful with AR app when there is no power supply in your exhibition gallery.

+ Panorama 360 Viewer

Gyro Demo & Editor Mode Simulation

+ Gigapixel Example

Custom Shader for high resolution panorama

Mobile Devices: 4 x 4 x 4096 (W) x 2 x 4 x 4096 (H)

on 8k supported platforms: 4 x 4 x 8192 (W) x 2 x 4 x 8192 (H)

#All Core Source Code in C#

#All Core parts are used in many exhibitions in past few years

Tested devices in our public projects:

M1 iMac

iphone 5

iPad Air 2

iPad pro(2017)

iPad pro(2018)

iPad pro(2019)

iPhone 6s

iPhone XS

iPhone 12 Pro

Samsung S4

Samsung S6

Samsung S9+


Macbook Pro(2015)

Macbook Pro(2018)

Windows 7

Windows 10

HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Focus

Oculus Go

Oculus Rift

Hololens 1 & 2

AVIE 360 Projection System

Oculus Quest 1 & 2

*Hololens & Magic Leap (requires build with Net 4.x (IL2CPP))

Supported platform:

iOS, Android, Mac, PC, WebGL, *Linux

If you found any bug, please report to us via email and we would like to provide support.



*tested by customers


This asset uses websocket-sharp under The MIT License (MIT); SharpZipLib Licenses under The MIT License (MIT); libjpeg-turbo under Modified BSD License (This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.) see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.


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