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Use the Blueprints to make stairs, columns, bridges, buildings, pipes, cables and many more.

Use the complex version of the Blueprints to add multiple meshes and random modifications.

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Technical Details


  • Stacker: Stack meshes in line.
  • StackerArch: Stack meshes in circles.
  • StackerSpline: Stack meshes along a spline.
  • Spliner: Create spline meshes.
  • Complex versions: Add several meshes and random location/rotation/scale.


  • StackerMatrix: Stack meshes in rows,columns, levels (2d/3d matrix).
  • StackerArea: Stack meshes in an area randomly.


  • Actor versions: Add classes instead of meshes to place child actor components.


  • Changed random to seeded random so you can stick to one that you like.
  • Added Generate option in case you want to move/play around without generating it.

5.0 (4.21 or newer)

  • Mirror tool: Mirror selected static meshes. ( Video )
  • You can now place permanent copies in the complex versions.

6.0 (4.21 or newer)

  • Floor versions: Follow the ground with lines, arches, matrixes or splines.

Number of Blueprints: 18 Main Blueprints

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