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"Action RPG Framework is focused on providing AAA mouse and keyboard controls for top-down games like Action RPG, Hack'n'Slash or a Shooter. Also included:

• Now you can change/modify several skills archetypes without a need for scripting.
• WASD and Mobile controls support.
• Monster AI. Melee and Spell caster archetypes. Monster stats customization, random generation and rarity.
• Monsters management: Spawn System - allows to \"paint\" level with enemies.
• 4.6 UI toolbar - includes all graphics, UI input, health and mana globe.
• Several skills archetypes - shooting, spell casting, melee combat.
• Modular level assets - including large number of prefabs.
• Leveling system - includes character sheet, leveling up system, experience gains from mobs, mobs character sheet.
• Inventory system - inventory script, items pickup system.
• Smooth door opening system - fog of war system, locking/unlocking with icons

Check out a quick Web Demo or Standalone game example to see all of the features in action. Video Tutorials

For AAA experience this scripting pack is designed around Mecanim system(with root motion) and Unity's Nav Mesh.

Aside to scripts and level assets this pack contains few items, zombie mesh, UI sprites and Unity/CMU animations for prototyping purposes.


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